83 Times People Were Extremely Confident About Sharing ‘Facts’ Online That Were Completely Wrong


Convincing somebody you’re proper is all about confidence. If you faux it, you’ll make it, proper? R-right? Having bucketloads of confidence is nice (and positively dramatic), nonetheless, it’s by no means sufficient in isolation… particularly when you’re simply plain mistaken and everybody round you is aware of it.

Being direct. Looking assured. Feeling unwavering and braver than Braveheart—these are all fantastic qualities to have, however with out different substantial issues to again it up, it’s all simply bravado with out the chew. And darn it if it isn’t entertaining as heck to look at!

We’re not the one ones to suppose so. In truth, that’s why the ‘Confidently Incorrect’ subreddit, with over 404k members, exists. Their group is constructed round poking enjoyable at people who find themselves chock stuffed with confidence however get deflated the second somebody with an oz. of logic and customary sense chimes in. There’s loads of facepalm moments ready for you, so get scrolling and upvoting your fave pics. Remember to go to the r/confidentlyincorrect group when you like their stuff!

Bored Panda interviewed the creator of the subreddit, redditor ShadowAlchemy. Read on for what they informed us about how the group began and received well-liked, in addition to for his or her ideas about to what extent confidence is vital in actual life and what we must always do if we ever discover ourselves to be confidently incorrect.




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