53 Times People Busted Their Dogs Having A Nap In The Funniest Positions And Shared The Pics For #SleepingDogChallenge


The widely popular Facebook group Dogspotting Society is also a place where some of the most entertaining 100% doggo-proved hashtag challenges take place. Previously, every dog owner seemed to be in on the viral buzz, submitting their funny pics for the Look Alike Challenge, Smiling Dog Challenge, Guilty Dog Challenge, and Didn’t Want A Dog Challenge‬.

This time, the new #SleepingDogChallenge is making the headlines with 15K people posting their best snaps of their bestest gurls and goodest bois nodding off. Except that the photographs are all about the weirdest sleeping positions, truly questionable comfort levels, and very bizarre choices for places to nap, which makes it all the funnier.

You see, we’ve all heard about the odd and wonderful powers of the catnap, but this time, it’s time to see the dognap, a canine-fave practice consisting of 33% shut-eye, 33% pure wholesomeness, and 33% ‘how the heck did they get there?!’ moments. The remaining one percent is the magic ingredient, Zzz, which makes you fall asleep anywhere as long as you’re tired enough.

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