50 Times People Had One Job And Failed In A Hilarious Way (New Pics)


Things happen. In life or at work, nobody is immune to failure. But let’s be honest, any workplace bears a very high probability of occupational mishaps, no matter what kind of job it may be. In a sense, it’s part of the definition of ‘being on duty.’

So this time, we’re looking at some of the funniest cases that illustrate how failing to perform one’s duties right actually looks in pictures. And thanks to the subreddit You Had One Job, we’ve got a seemingly endless fountain of occupation-related hilarity. Created 8 years ago, the subreddit is 421k-strong in members and aims at capturing posts that show what it means to hear “You Had One Job!” from your coworker, client, or boss.

Colleagues and customers unite, because this time, no one who failed at bringing the bare minimum to their single job is getting away without being busted. Psst! More funny ‘one job’ posts, aka you wish you’d done it properly but it’s too late now, are waiting in our previous posts here, here, and here.




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