50 Of The Funniest Marriage Tweets From The Very Unusual Year Of 2020


As if married life wasn’t hard enough already (separate toothpaste tubes since your partner doesn’t squeeze it right, anyone?), the infamous year 2020 ran it through the ultimate test. No wonder there’s been a 34% rise in sales of divorce agreements between newlyweds in the last five months in the US.

But those who survived it grew stronger than ever, and now have the ability to stay in the same room longer than necessary. Most importantly, though, husbands, wives, and partners, they all contributed to a huge public service. You see, their quarantine experiences served as one-of-a-kind material for hysterically funny marriage tweets along the way.

Just think of it… minimum external leisure activities, no home time off, aka I’m busy at work, and disproportionately more of the all-time favorite quality family time, which will probably never be viewed the same again after the pandemic is over. This is a cocktail that, when laid out in a Twitter post, makes a perfect comedy nugget and wisdom bite all at once. So let’s see what ‘twenty twenty (w)one’ had in it for us to laugh at.




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