5 Vitamin E-rich Foods to Revitalise Your Skin and Hair This Winter


Let’s face it, winters are harsh. No matter how excited you get at the prospect of Christmas, or New year’s party, this cold season does take a toll on our skin, hair; as they get flaky, itchy, patchy, dried. We need to take extra care.

Intake of Vitamin E rich foods is known to help one get lustrous skin and hair. So apart from nourishing your body externally, you must also ensure that you are taking in the right amount of nutrients. Increase your vitamin E intake to maintain a healthy body. A healthy, well-nourished body will automatically reflect on your hair and skin by imparting that healthy, much-coveted glow.

Vitamin E is one such wonder element, responsible for improving your skin and hair.

Take a look at the list of 5 vitamins E-rich seasonal foods that you can consume this winter to ensure healthy glowing skin and hair:

1. Avocado: Rich in vitamin E, avocado shields the body from free radical damages. It is endowed with antioxidants. They help boost immunity, shield from bacteria, infections, and impart the natural glow to your skin and hair.

2. Almonds, hazel nuts, pea nuts, Brazil nuts: Nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E. Loaded with healthy fat, nuts strengthen nerves, rejuvenate the skin, give a shine to your face and hair.

3.Sunflower seeds: These tiny seeds soothe the skin, lessen oxidative stress, aid the body to flush out toxins. These Vitamin E-rich seeds are also known for the anti-inflammatory properties which again keep the blood purified and maintain great hair and skin condition.

4. Kiwi and berries: These juicy vitamin E-rich fruits are excellent for the body. High in water content, also rich in vitamin C, K, they boost immunity as well. Have them to get great naturally glowing skin and hair.

5. Spinach and mustard green: Sarson ka saag or mustard green is a popular food item during winter, besides spinach. Have these seasonal green, leafy vegetables to ensure vitamin E supply in your body. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are responsible to reduce stress, deal with age-related skin problems and retain your skin elasticity and vigour. Hence, your hair and skin longevity is taken care of by Vitamin E.

Get soft, supple, rejuvenated skin and shiny hair by incorporating this vital vitamin E in your daily diet. With daily intake, you will enjoy great healthy skin and hair, for sure.




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