5 Tips to Soothe a Bad Sunburn

Understanding how vulnerable your skin is to sunburn is the first step in identifying how much aftercare you’ll need following a sunburn. Beyond this, you’ll also need to know which self-care methods are most effective for soothing sunburns and can quickly help your skin repair itself. Although you likely know the importance of wearing sunscreen, learning how to handle sunburns effectively once burned is less common. In this article, we offer five tips to soothe a bad sunburn so that you can be prepared for next time.

1. Aloe Vera Gel Products

Aloe vera is a holistic remedy for treating sunburn and is one of the many natural skincare trends that have emerged over the years. The properties contain cooling effects that help calm skin irritation and burning.

Aloe vera can also reduce the amount of pain you feel from sunburn with these cooling effects. There are many lotions and creams for after sun care products that contain aloe vera if you want to use something that feels closer to a skincare product rather than a substance from a plant. You can also find aloe vera gels and the plant itself to make your own.

2. Ice The Burn

Cold water and ice both engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which causes the body to relax physically and emotionally. Much like how our survival instincts kick in so that we are zoomed in on self-protection, ice or cold showers second a shock to the system, causing us to focus on the sensation of coldness; this allows us to relax into the feeling. The cold offsets the pain of the sunburn and helps your skin fight off irritation by cooling the burn.

3. Moisturize The Area Each Day

If your skin is exposed to sunshine for too long, it burns and dries out, and the added dryness can promote even more pain and irritation to the skin. To avoid these issues, moisturize the area with a fragrance-free moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Look for creams with vitamin C to protect against sun damage.

The more hydrated you keep the affected area, the less likely it will dry out and peel. Since the skin area is pretty sensitive at this time, do not moisturize with any moisturizers that contain strong fragrances like floral scents or perfumes. Go with natural ingredients whenever possible.

4. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a superfood not only for its nutritional value but also for its skincare support. As a natural antifungal, coconut oil is incredibly healing to the body. The natural oil and fat that make up coconut oil are potent ointments for soothing dry skin and sunburns. You only need a tablespoon to reap the benefits. Use daily until your sunburn has healed.

5. Cover Up When Outside

Cover up to avoid additional sun exposure so your sunburn can heal faster. Cooling fabrics like nylon allow your body to sweat without making you feel overheated, even in long sleeves.

Wear cooling shirts that cover the burn area, such as workout gear made from nylon. Your body will stay relaxed and comfortable while still being covered by the sun. The absorbent qualities in the fabric will keep you dry and comfortable.

Soothe Your Sunburn Gently

Soothing a bad sunburn is about finding ways to care for your skin gently. Take the plunge with a cold shower or apply ice to the affected area to relieve pain. Utilize holistic means like aloe vera gel and coconut oil, cover up when you’re outside, and keep your skin moisturized to prevent extra skin drying.

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