5 Most Shameful Things Jackson Did (& 5 He Should Be Proud Of)


There are loads of fan-favorite characters within the compelling medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. However, one character that largely goes beneath the radar is Jackson Avery. Jackson is comparatively degree headed, clever, and has had a gentle evolution from a considerably callous younger resident to a world-class surgeon.

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Jackson is a type of few for whom it’s onerous to search out any significantly shameful, cringeworthy moments. He has basically a clear slate, though, that does not imply he’s flawless. After all, no character in Grey’s is ideal, which is what makes them flesh and blood. While followers have been pleased with among the gestures he has made, there have additionally been loads of instances the place they’ve questioned his choices too.

10 Ashamed: Making A Fuss When Richard Started Dating His Mom

Jackson Avery, Richard Webber and Catherine Fox

This was maybe not no shameful because it was a tad annoying. Jackson did get a little bit of a shock when he found Catherine had spent the night time with Richard the morning of his boards. He was, understandably, a bit distracted thereafter.

However, seeing how rational and cool-headed he was, maybe he went a little bit overboard when he continued to sulk even at a later date. His mom was a robust and unbiased lady, who was sensible sufficient to make her personal choices so he ought to revered her choice so far Richard. He did turn into comfy with the state of affairs afterward although and started to root for the couple to be collectively.

9 Proud: Not Relying On His Family Name

Jackson got here from the “celebrated” Avery household, which had been one of the prestigious and respectable households within the medical neighborhood. Before the Harper Avery scandal was revealed, the older surgeon’s identify was proven to carry worth at Seattle Grace (in the identical method that Ellis Grey’s identify was).

Jackson might simply have exploited his household identify and received forward in life for no hospital would have had the center to show away Harper Avery’s grandson. However, he refused to make use of the identify as a crutch to the extent that when he joined Seattle Grace, nobody was even conscious that he belonged to the Avery household. He wished his accomplishments to be reflective of his onerous work and abilities fairly than be primarily based on his household identify.

8 Ashamed: Waiting Until The Last Minute To Propose To April

Jackson waited till the final second to talk as much as April about his emotions. April was already on the altar when Jackson determined to admit how he felt in entrance of a church filled with company and his girlfriend. Later on, it was revealed the 2 had eloped after fleeing from the church collectively.

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Jackson’s last-minute revelation triggered April’s fiancé Matthew and his girlfriend, Stephanie, excessive humiliation and heartbreak. All this might have been averted had he instructed April about his emotions whereas there was nonetheless time. Matthew and Stephanie have been respectable individuals who deserved higher than this.

7 Proud: Removing His Name From Richard’s Experiment

Jackson was helping Webber in his experiment to develop a man-made pancreas as a remedy for diabetes. He felt as if he was losing his time at first however when the analysis began exhibiting potential, he truly went forward and eliminated his identify from it.

This was as a result of Richard’s experiment, Jackson thought, could be within the working for the Harper Avery, and if the latter’s identify appeared on it, the analysis would by no means win the award as that may come throughout as nepotism. Hence to let Richard have his shot on the prestigious award, Jackson bowed out of the examine, which was fairly a pleasant gesture.

6 Ashamed: Vanishing On Maggie

Jackson had a religious revelation after April virtually died. He himself had a near-death expertise within the season 15 premiere.

However, as an alternative of informing Maggie (whom he was relationship on the time) that he was taking a while off for his religious discovery, he merely vanished on her. He solely left her a voice mail to inform her he wanted to take a step again to take a look at the larger image, however he neither spoke to her nor instructed her the place he was going. This, justifiably, enraged Maggie. All Jackson wanted to do was to maintain her within the loop which he did not.

5 Proud: Saving A Little Girl From A Burning Bus

Burning Bus In Greys

Jackson as soon as saved a little bit baby from a bus that had blown up within the hospital’s causeway. The bus had come crashing into the bay and flipped over, with the explosion occurring simply as Jackson was attempting to avoid wasting a scared child, who was caught contained in the overturned car.

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April was deeply upset on the very thought that Jackson may need perished within the burning bus. However, he survived, saving the child on the similar time, a selfless motion he had each proper to be pleased with.

4 Ashamed: Not Opening Up To Maggie


Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce in Grey's Anatomy

Again, this isn’t shameful per se, particularly since Maggie repeatedly got here throughout as skeptical of getting too emotionally concerned in a relationship.

However, was it unfair that Jackson determined to repeatedly converse to a random lady known as Kate, whom he had met throughout his religious outing, and April as a result of he felt that Maggie merely could not perceive what he was going by? A bit of.

While Maggie was a bit unfair to Jackson on this argument, one can perceive why she was upset as it might harm anybody to find that the individual they cherished had been no qualms speaking to different folks however refused to speak in confidence to her.

3 Proud: His Quick-Thinking Saved Lives During The Hospital Shooting

Gary Clerk with Jackson and Cristina

In the season 6 finale, followers have been shocked to find a mass taking pictures happen on the hospital after Gary Clark returned to kill Derek, Lexie, and Webber. Clark ultimately discovered and shot Derek, insisting the opposite surgeons should not function or save his life.

At this time, it was Jackson’s quick-thinking that saved a lot of lives, together with Derek’s, Cristina’s, and, after all, his personal. Jackson had the brainwave of disconnecting Derek from the screens in order that it appeared that he had flatlined (when he truly hadn’t.) This pretense was profitable as Gary left the room, not realizing what had occurred.

2 Ashamed: Being Sarcastic About The Doctors Suing The Hospital

The Doctors Suing The Hospital Grey's

After the devastating airplane crash of the season 8 finale, the medical doctors who had been aboard that fateful plane sued the airline for negligence. As many followers know, the tragedy had triggered the deaths of Lexie and Mark, each of whom had been near Jackson Avery.

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While Jackson had initially been on board with their case, he quickly modified his thoughts when he came upon that the airline had discovered a loophole that may value the hospital vastly. To then query or be sarcastic to Meredith and the others for suing the hospital, even when only for a second, was genuinely shameful.

1 Proud: Honoring Grey & Sloan

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Greys Anatomy

After Lexie and Mark’s tragic and premature demise, the hospital modified its identify from Seattle Grace Mercy West to Grey Sloan Memorial in honor of the 2 surgeons whose lives had been misplaced so shockingly.

It was Jackson who got here up with this concept for the hospital. As the consultant of the Harper Avery Foundation, which had purchased the hospital to assist it out of its monetary fiasco, he had the facility to counsel such a serious change. He made up for his fairly insensitive comment that the medical doctors needn’t have sued the hospital with this very respectable gesture.

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