5 Marvel Characters Alicia Silverstone Would Be Perfect To Play



I do have another idea for a Guardians of the Galaxy-related character whom Alicia SIlverstone might be a good fit for: Moondragon, who was taught the ways of the Titan before later joining cosmic heroes. However, incorporating this bald, telekinetic badass would, once again, require a few creative liberties considering how, in the MCU continuity, Drax the Destroyer’s daughter is dead.

As the story in the comics goes, before he became Drax, the earthly Arthur Douglas was murdered by Thanos, at which point his young daughter Heather was taken by the purple guy’s father, Mentor, to Titan where she learned to activate her psychic abilities and studied hand-to-hand combat. I think James Gunn could, instead, bring Moondragon in as, say, Star Lord’s old ravager rival or something and let Alicia Silverstone take it from there by reigniting the same ass-kicking, technically intelligent persona she brought to Batgirl… but better.




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