40 Things That Seem Normal In Some Countries, But The Rest Of The World Finds Bizarre


Cultural variations are what makes us all distinctive and what drastically contributes to the joy of travelling whenever you get to find some particularities of a vacation spot that are not too or in any respect frequent in your house nation. Eating rotten fish would possibly sound barely (and actually) off to you, nevertheless it’s completely regular in Sweden. Having two passports from the identical nation is frequent in Russia, however may not exist at the place you reside. And the apply of consuming fried Mars bars may not be the preferred one in North America, nevertheless it’s frequent in Scotland, or seeing policemen driving Lamborghinis as their work vehicles in Italy may not be seen anyplace else.

Check out the record of some unusual issues from which are solely frequent in sure nations, vote for the weirdest ones, and tell us in the event you’ve skilled them within the feedback.




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