40 Terrible ‘Fan Art’ Drawings Of Famous People Created By This Artist (New Pics)


The Internet is full of both artists and “artists” but it’s rare to come across someone as ironic and pure at the same time as Tw1tter Picasso a.k.a. Ballpoint Papi—the alter ego of an American man named Kevin Park.

He creates ballpoint celebrity portraits and they are terrible. And the illustrations are so bad, they are actually good. The purposefully grotesque caricatures are full of small details inspired by the subjects’ tattoos, clothing, and body shape, offering a hilariously accurate take on some of the most famous people in the entertainment industry.

Tw1tter Picasso started by drawing anyone on Twitter who sent him $3 on PayPal but in the past couple of years, his following has ballooned and extended to Instagram. Now he has a combined following of 272,000 over the two platforms and draws everyone from Post Malone to Cardi B.

Continue scrolling to take a look at some of his newest works and check out his earlier ones in Bored Panda’s earlier article here.

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