40 People Share The Funniest Things They Heard Someone Say In Their Sleep


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of living with a sleep-talker, you probably know how hilarious (or even creepy) the things they say tend to be. But probably the most intriguing and strange thing about this whole concept is that, to this day, doctors and psychologists still don’t have much information on what it is and why some people are prone to engage in it.

However, the lack of knowledge surrounding the topic of sleep-talking doesn’t make it any less funny—various popular forums, online groups, and social media platforms are full of folks sharing and discussing the best and most hilarious sleep-talking stories they’ve been lucky enough to encounter. Knowing that, we took the matter into our own hands to scan the interwebs and make a list out of the ones that have the most potential to crack you up.

With that being said, Bored Panda invites you to look through some of the most hilarious sleep-talking stories people shared online. And as always, don’t forget to vote for the entries you liked the most and share your own stories in the comment section!




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