4 Tips for Improving Your Podcast Episodes

Podcast listeners increased by 29.5% in 2021, so there are many opportunities for aspiring podcasters. If you produce high-quality podcast episodes, you can build a legion of fans.

If listeners love your content, they will leave positive reviews and share your content far and wide. Make sure your podcast is engaging enough to set it up for success. There are several tips you can use to create engaging podcast episodes, but you’ll still need to put in work. But it’s worth the effort. Here’s how to improve your podcast episodes with little effort.

1. Choose a Topic You Like

The cornerstone of every podcast is the topic. Choose a topic you’re deeply familiar with and like talking about. That way, you’ll create highly engaging podcast episodes consistently—positively impacting your audience.

The biggest contributing factor to having a successful online event (such as a webinar or podcast) is audience engagement—49% of marketers agree with this fact. If you’re not engaging your audience, work on your podcast’s episodes or build a new podcast based on a topic you like talking about.

2. Focus on Your Audience

You can’t please every podcast listener; it’s practically impossible. So, narrow your focus and target a specific audience that appreciates and values your content. Then start producing engaging podcasts for them.

But before doing that, research your topic options. Ask yourself, “which topics will add more value to my podcast episodes?” For instance, if you have a finance podcast, focus on topics that’ll help your listeners make better financial decisions. Money management is an evergreen podcast topic because many people are always seeking financial advice.

Episodes can range from money management basics to paying off debts and loans. You can teach your audience about the benefits of title loans. For example, how they can find affordable title loans using search terms like “ cheapest title loans” or “title loan places near me.” Talk about the best cash solutions they can access in times of need.

3. Use Stories

People remember stories more than general information. Tell stories in your podcast episodes to increase engagement. The best way to come up with a great story for your podcast is to use the three-act story structure—set up your story, build conflict, then end with a resolution.

To ensure each segment holds your audience’s attention, answer a few questions:

  • What struggle is the hero facing?
  • What challenges can they overcome?
  • What are the lessons learned?

There’s a reason why brand stories have an 86% completion rate. Work on telling lots of memorable stories to create engaging podcast episodes.

4. Use Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Include a call-to-action (something to encourage your listeners to take action) at the end of every podcast episode. For example, before ending the show, ask your audience to share your podcast with friends and family or follow your social media pages.

Adding a  strong but simple call-to-action in a clever way (depending on your podcast topic)—can help your audience take the next step to follow your show. They can leave a positive review, buy your products, or help other people discover your podcasts.

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