25 Creepy Urban Legends From Around The World


In the city I grew up in, there was an previous railroad bridge with blood from a ladies’ suicide that supposedly may by no means be washed off and didn’t fade with age. A bunch of redditors told the stories of the urban legends they grew up with that brought on them to reside in worry.

The black ambulance

“I live in Romania and as a kid the most common legend was the “black ambulance” that might steal youngsters and harvest their organs and that children’ our bodies had been to be discovered just a few days later deserted on a area with some cash for the funeral. Also, in my city our dad and mom would by no means allow us to go to the cinema as a result of there was this legend a few man who wound put AIDS contaminated needles on the seats.” — mikeynbn

Death chair

“We have a chair that’s been untouched since the 1960s in our schools boiler room. The janitor swears that a boy got locked down there by these other kids the day before summer break and died from the heat. He claims that the chair moves and that the door handle moves like he’s still there trying to get out.” — KTsDefacement

Makcik “keropok”

“Its a legend a few woman going round door to door promoting keropok. (a kind of cracker) If you refuse to purchase any, she releases a Pontianak (a vengeful ghost) into your home.

Best resolution is to not open the door.” — RavenInTheSky

Murder cabin

“Its not really a known creepy urban legend, but in the 1800s in the owyhee mountains in idaho there was a group of hunters staying in a cabin and after failing to come back to their families a search party was sent out to look for them, they found the cabin, locked from the inside, with the window also locked from the inside. and they found all of the hunters dead with their heads crushed. no one knows who did it or how. but the incident repeated itself in like the 1970s or something.” — rocket___goblin

The Guardians

“We have 3 mysterious males in a automobile known as The Guardians (sure that’s what we name them) alongside Montana freeway 464.

People have advised experiences the place they’ve automobile hassle and three males in a automobile drive up and assist them out. Other individuals speak about headlights that disappear in locations the place they shouldn’t disappear.

We even have a Native American in a jean jacket and denims who materializes in entrance of vehicles earlier than they’ll swerve out of the best way. When the driving force checks for a sufferer, no physique is discovered.” (*25*)

Ghosts mentioned “No” to Walmart

“There was once an insane asylum by my home within the 70s. It might be 5 minutes away from my home if that. But, they tore it down within the 90s as a result of it was only a large eye sore, and had a darkish historical past of mistreating sufferers. There is a cemetery on the property with lots of of unnamed individuals who died there.

In the early 2000s, Walmart purchased the land and wished to construct a walmart there since you’d have the ability to see it from the freeway. They excavated and such, and the day earlier than they had been set to start out development an enormous landslide occurred in the course of the night time that blocked the excessive approach for days. If it could have occurred at rush hour tons of individuals would have died.

Ultimately, it was deemed unsafe territory to construct on, so it stays empty. Except for all of the bike trails via the world. But nobody ever rides throughout night time time lol. I assume the individuals who died there didn’t need to be chilling beneath a walmart’s aisle 10.” — Tower-Educational

“Look up”

“It is a university urban legend here in the Philippines. There was a female college student that went to the female’s restroom. In the cubicle, she can hear a female voice. The voice is saying some Latin (I can’t remember the exact words). Obviously the female student was frightened and hurried to go back to the classroom. She then asked her professor what was the meaning of the word she heard from the restroom. The professor said “It means ‘look up, look up”.” — eat_the_rich_07

“The Caller”

“I’ll must roughly translate it from Arabic so bear with me.

We name it “the caller”. It is advised that in the course of the night time it calls your identify and forces you to comply with its voice, till you attain a physique of water, it then pulls you underneath forcing water into each single gap in your physique regardless of how small and naturally then drowning you.

I believe this was made up so youngsters do go on a swim at night time.” — ChadTheMagnificent

The black horse

“Not my present space, however one of many main faculties I went to had just a few timber within the again nook of the sphere with a mountain of filth. There had been rumours that it was haunted with horses (of all issues lol) there was one black horse that was evil. And in the event you sat underneath the timber and closed your eyes, you could possibly hear the horses.

It wasn’t till I used to be older that I came upon the college was constructed on an previous racing floor and it closed down after one of many jockeys poisoned a opponents black horse.” — mediastoosocial

Joey the Clown

“Nearby is a disused Victorian railway which has been remodeled right into a 20ish mile path for individuals to stroll, jog, cycle and so forth and hyperlinks totally different components of the town (simply because the rail line would have).

Before that it was simply disused and didn’t have tarmac or something. Just mud, grass and there have been no gates within the aspect doorways of the tunnels.

The tunnels are REALLY darkish in there and we used to hold round in there once we had been youngsters.

We turned conscious of the city legend of ‘Joey the clown’ who was a lunatic who ran away from the circus, kidnapped a child and hanged it by its toes the other way up from one of many pipes above the tunnel proper into the trail of an oncoming locomotive which he additionally jumped in entrance of.

Rumours nonetheless persist that individuals have seen Joey’s ghost within the tunnels and in the event you had been courageous sufficient to go within the tunnel at night time you’d hear him chuckle, hear a child cry and the sound of the locomotive.

My mom makes use of this to her benefit once I was a child although by telling my sisters and I that Joey The Clown preys upon kids who put on odd socks and who refuse to put on clear underwear. So in fact we’d all be carrying matching socks and ensure we had pristine underwear on once we ventured right down to the previous railway.” — Rick-Dastardly

Black Shucks

“Black Shucks; big, black, ghostly/demonic dogs with glowing red eyes that are supposed to be omens of death. They generally appear on roads at night. There’s apparently a few around town and some drag chains too. Also one is actually a bear, but I have no idea why we have a ghostly demonic bear because we don’t even have normal bears in this country.” — Numerous_Emus

The Flathead Lake Monster

“The Flathead Lake in western Montana is the largest body of fresh water this side of the Great Lakes. 18 miles wide, 26 miles long, 400+ feet deep. People have seen the FLM breach the surface looking like the back of a serpent type creature. My theory is there are some monstrous 25 foot long sturgeons hiding out down there, but who knows……” — Cloggerdogger

The Stain

“There was this colonel who based the city a pair hours south of my hometown within the 1700s. He had an affair with a younger girl, and when she bought pregnant he kicked her out of city and she or he raised their son alone for a number of years. When she got here again and begged him for assist elevating their child, he publicly declared her a witch and had her burned to dying.

After she was burned and so they had been taking her physique away, her son tried to take her physique from them so she might be buried on his property. He tried to tug her corpse from them by the leg, nevertheless it snapped off on account of how scorched her physique was. He took the leg and mentioned it could be buried close to his house. Before he left, nevertheless, he advised the colonel (his organic father) the he hoped the colonel’s reminiscence would at all times be tainted by what he did to his former mistress.

After the colonel died, a tomb was erected for him, however in a single day a leg-shaped stain appeared proper of the face of it. People tried to take away the stain, nevertheless it wouldn’t go away. Eventually, they only changed the stone on the tomb completely… just for a brand new, equivalent stain to look in the very same spot on the brand new stone.

The stain continues to be there to at the present time, and it’s a giant vacationer attraction within the space.” — illumi-thotti

Haunted Catholic faculty

“My highschool had just a few. It was a convent/Catholic boarding faculty earlier than changing into a highschool.

On my first day of faculty, my grade was introduced on excursions of the college by older college students. Here are a number of the tales I keep in mind:

When you enter the college from its important entrance to entry the reception desk you could go a statue of the Virgin Mary. Behind the statue there’s a rope. It was mentioned that one of many nuns dedicated suicide with that actual rope.

Outside the entrance of the college there’s a nicely and fountain that was not in use. The nicely was barred up and it was unimaginable to see what was down there. It was mentioned that there was a lady who fell down the nicely and the nuns had no approach of getting her out. Since she died, the nicely had been sealed shut.

The lecturers workplaces, which college students had been prohibited from coming into until given permission, had been on the highest ground of the college. It was mentioned that you could possibly see/hear ghosts of nuns who used to reside there. That area was once the place the nuns slept.

Another story is from a spot that I labored at. Prior to changing into a retailer, it was a storage. The proprietor of the storage dedicated suicide on the property. Many individuals on totally different events talked about listening to/seeing his ghost within the basement.” — theprettyunicorn

The mysterious Seattle soda can merchandising machine

“There is this vending machine in Seattle that is filled with rare and valuable soda cans, many of which are out of production. Nobody knows who stocks the vending machine, and the one time it needed repairs, nobody saw who took it to get repaired.” — alpaca1yps

The Night Marchers

“The Huaka’ipo, also known as the Night Marchers, are the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors who have been cursed to march the islands for eternity. The night marchers are said to march in a single line, often carrying torches and weapons while chanting and playing drums. To protect yourself, you must lie on the ground face down in respect. Otherwise, the Night Marchers will kill you. Or so they say…” — lixtrado

Drug ring burial floor

“There is a large “burial ground” for individuals who know to a lot and are a legal responsibility, (largely drug rings) out on part of the reservation that no police or tribal police have jurisdiction to have the ability to examine. Unfortunately I heard about and so did my pals in highschool and we thought it was only a legend. Well final yr I realized it was I actual. I had a pal who bought out the drug ring and confirmed it to me.” — TrystenConn


“I grew up in southern Utah close to the 4 corners. In different phrases, skinwalker nation. I’ve numerous creepy tales about them, each from my very own experiences and the experiences of others, however chances are high lots of you guys wouldnt imagine and so they in all probability belong to a distinct sub reddit.

However, the creepiest factor about them, is that everybody (and I imply everybody), is terrified of them. Most of the individuals in my city are farmers and total fairly pragmatic individuals who arent fast to imagine or make up ghost tales. And but, every time I’d ask an grownup “what are skinwalkers” rising up, the reply I at all times bought was a really severe “we dont talk about skinwalkers.”

Whether you imagine in them or not, you must admit that the ubiquity of that perspective in my hometown is fairly bizarre.” — The_Sad_PlagueDoctor

The bean sucker

“Rural western Maryland, been researching folklore for our class, we now have just a few however right here’s certainly one of my private finest

Legend of the Bean Sucker, the story of a person who wished to scare a pair as they had been coming house in a carriage, again within the late 1800’s. He stuffed his mouth stuffed with beans and jumped in entrance of their carriage. It was mentioned the driving force was offended, so he chased the person down the railroad tracks by the trail, till the person (the bean man) bumped into an oncoming prepare. It was mentioned once they discovered the physique, there was no head. Since then, individuals say you may hear the Bean Sucker’s head rolling round or discover beans on the bottom

Maybe not the creepiest, however there may be proof that the prepare half might have occurred round that point, which makes the truth issue much more actual” — oinkszoinks

The jacking jogger

“We have “de rennende rukker”, thats Dutch for “The jacking jogger”. supposedly there may be somebody in our space that runs round while jacking off. I believe somebody did get caught for one thing comparable, however I’ll at all times preserve my ears peaked, simply in case one thing will come fapping in the direction of me.” — kingkongbananakong

The hanging tree

“At a site in the woods where a people were supposedly lynched, there is an indention beneath the hanging tree where the people’s feet would lightly drag while hanging. People claim that if you fill the hole in and wait overnight, they say that the swinging feet of those lynched will visibly re-drag marks in the sand.” — shootsickmoon


“Not in my space, it has been on the information about a few years in the past. Many Malaysians will find out about this. There’s a pair driving when all of the sudden their automobile broke down in Karak Highway, Genting Highlands at like 3am. The husband got here down to search out somebody to assist and the spouse waits within the automobile. The spouse waited for thus lengthy however determined to maintain ready. She noticed some vehicles go by slowly after which sped up. After hours of ready, the police had got here and so they use the loudspeaker to advised the girl to got here out of the automobile with out trying again. After that, she flip her head and noticed a banshee trying creature sucking her husband’s head.

There’s many ghosts in Genting Highland primarily as a result of there’s many individuals commit suicide there and it has many accidents at Karak Highway. And there’s many city legends round Malaysia and the well-known one is ‘Orang Minyak’ which is named Oily Man in English. There’re many SCPs creatures at night time wandering round in a spot the place it is extremely few or no individuals.” — End8890

Tree man

“When I used to be in highschool we had been goofing round in a small park stuffed with timber close to the cemetary late at night time, and we made up a narrative to scare ourselves, concerning the ‘tree man’ who would bounce out from behind timber and seize you. We all had torches and had been attempting to maintain all of the timber lit so the tree man couldn’t conceal behind any of them, totally conscious we’d simply made the story up 5 minutes in the past, nevertheless it was darkish and spooky so we nonetheless managed to present one another the willies and chuckle about it on the identical time. We loosely tied our story to a triple homicide than occurred within the 1800s (the monument for which was seen from the park) for further spookums. Every once in a while for the remainder of the yr somebody would bounce out from behind a tree or seize somebody and yell ‘tree man’! It was simply a kind of silly in-jokes teenagers have, and many years earlier than slenderman was a factor (it was the early 90s).

Imagine my shock when years later I heard the children in decrease grades telling one another fairly critically concerning the ‘tree man’ who haunts this one park close to the cemetary lol.” — trowzerss

Haunted teapot

“There’s one home in my hometown that’s mentioned to be haunted. There’s a tray with a golden teapot on it, and the tray has scratch marks on it. That tray has been sitting in the identical location for years, remaining utterly untouched, and nonetheless, to at the present time nobody has touched it. Some of my pals insist that it’s haunted.

There’s additionally an city legend abut how an electrician (or somebody with an identical job) fell off of a ladder whereas establishing one of many gentle within the center faculty health club. His ghost is claimed to hang-out the health club at night time every time the lights are turned off.” — FlameSamurai63

The slap ghost

“The slap ghost: in a village shut by, there may be the story that in a particular highway via the woods a number of guys had been being slapped once they go in a bicycle within the latte 70’s. Always at night time, certainly one of these guys was my grandfather. He was alone and was slapped and fell of his bicycle. No one was there…a number of individuals got here house stuffed with bruises and scratches from the bicycle fall after the slap within the face.

Suddenly the slaps stopped for just a few years. And within the 80’s the ghost got here again. One younger man was slapped within the face in identical place. Funny is that the thriller was solved in that day.

It was a fkn department from a tree. The previous guys from the 70’s got here house late from the previous bar, utterly drunk together with my grandfather and with none supply of sunshine they might get hit by the department and fall. Then the tree was trimmed and the slaps stopped till it grew once more and made this 80’s man the following sufferer. Lucky him he was sober and realised what hit him.” — HypressQ




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