2022’s Top 5 Psychic Readers Online


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Most of the time, we find ourselves in an unfamiliar and unwelcome situation. We feel as if we ended up trapped on the island of doom. Whether the matter concerns our love lives, careers, or relationships, we desire and need assistance.

In such uncertain situations, the most sensible thing to do is to consult a psychic reader. A psychic reader can give you information about your future and help you grasp something that was not even in your consciousness.

So, it is high time you find yourself the most reliable online psychic reader, and we are here to help you. After thorough research, here are our top recommendations for the best online psychic reading services. The psychic readers on these platforms are easy to connect with. Moreover, they are known to provide the best psychic readings at the fairest prices.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Websites – 2022 Reviews

  1. Kasamba – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Services
  2. Keen – Best Psychic Reading with Free Trial
  3. AskNow – Best for Tarot Card Reading
  4. Oranum – Most Accurate Readings for Love Life
  5. Mysticsense – Best Variety of Tarot Readers


#1. Kasamba – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Services

Founded in 1999, Kasamba has been serving as the best online psychic reading website since then. As a result, the brand has a valuable image of providing the most realistic psychic readings online. Until now, Kasamba has served over three million customers online.

Kasamba has a wide variety when it comes to psychic readings. From advice related to relationships to guidance about health issues, the psychic readers here cover everything. Moreover, Kasamba is dedicated to the service it provides.

The psychic reading brand has proved itself authentic by following specific criteria. Each psychic reader on the platform has an individual profile, from which you can learn about the specialties of that particular psychic reader.

You can browse through the customer reviews of psychic readers as well. All you have to do is click on a reader’s profile, see the type of reading they do, and choose the most appropriate one for yourself.

Some of the best things about Kasamba are its discounts and prices. If you are a new client, you will receive three minutes of a free psychic reading online, along with 70% off of the original price of a psychic reading. Naturally, this attracts a vast number of customers to Kasamba.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the best psychic reader for yourself. In such a situation, you can go to the top-rated readers’ sections on the Kasamba website. Here, you can choose from highly-rated specialists and continue the process.


  • Two decades of experience
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Wide variety of psychic readings online
  • Highly professional psychic readers
  • Cheap rates and heavy discounts


  • Membership required to access the premium services

Customer Reviews
Kasamba is considered to be the most constructive website when it comes to psychic readings. With over three million satisfied customers, the platform is always striving for the betterment of its customer value. For this purpose, the website has worked on a friendly user interface. Different sections have been made to let users skim through what they need.

The customer service provided by Kasamba is up to the mark as well. Moreover, the website has 180 different tarot readers specializing in a particular type of psychic reading. These phone psychics communicate effectively and patiently.

Hence, Kasamba does its best to meet the expectations of its customers. So, if you are looking for the best online psychic reading services, Kasamba is the most solid platform to begin with.


#2. Keen – Best Psychic Reading with Free Trial


Ranked as the second-best online psychic website, Keen has served its customers for the past 20 years. This online psychic reading brand is known as the ideal choice for significant life decisions. Several users found Keen to be the most suitable for a numerology, spiritual, and tarot reading.


The best thing about Keen is that they keep their website and customers updated. They gather the latest information and never allow themselves to be out of the loop. Undoubtedly, you can find the best online psychics on Keen and communicate with them immediately. Besides that, there are several unique features of Keen that we came across in our research.

Keen psychics offer several services so their customers do not face any difficulties. The online brand provides its reading services through online chat, video calls, and emails.

Furthermore, Keen provides 1,700 online psychic readers who can connect with you instantly. So, it does not matter if you need advice about your health, career, or even if you want an Angel Card reading. You can find everything on Keen.

Keen has an engaging tool to let its users know which psychic reader is best for them. In addition, you can learn all about the psychic reader you are going to contact by checking out the listings of readers on the website. These lists will tell you what other people’s opinions are about that particular psychic reader.

Just like other online psychic websites, Keen also offers fantastic discounts. All new users will get three minutes free of a psychic reading online. Furthermore, Keen has launched a new type of discount by providing ten minutes of an online psychic reading for $1.99. In this way, a customer can try different psychic readers with a minimum investment.


  • Mobile application
  • Professional and well-evaluated online psychic readers
  • Significant discounts
  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable


  • Video readings not offered

Customer Reviews
Keen is a popular and accurate psychic reading platform. It has not only conducted a million readings but has also generated satisfied customers. One of the best features that Keen offers is its 24/7 customer service. So, online psychic readers are always available to help you.

You can connect immediately with any reader through the medium of your choice. Furthermore, you can select advisors based on their skills, experience, or specialties. As soon as you click on the website’s homepage, you can choose the best psychic reader for yourself.

Overall, Keen is well-known in the market for accurate psychic readings and has a remarkable history. Hence, professional psychic readers can assist you with your life decisions.


#3. AskNow – Best for Tarot Card Reading

AskNow is one of the best websites for reading about love, career, relationships, or money. Serving since 2005, AskNow has gained an open position among the best online psychic reading brands. All of the readers on AskNow are specialized in their fields of expertise. In addition, each advisor has a specialty such as card readings, numerology readings, dream analysis, etc.

The most exceptional and extraordinary feature about AskNow is the details the website provides about itself. At AskNow, you can find everything related to this brand. For example, you can see how long the brand has been serving, how many customers it has satisfied until now, what kind of readings it provides, and much more. These details increase the credibility of AskNow, making it one of the best online psychic websites.

On top of that, AskNow is one of the most inexpensive online psychic websites. It allows new users to ask questions at no cost. Moreover, five minutes of free readings are provided to each customer. However, the feature that impresses users most is that they get free minutes each time they connect with a new reader.

AskNow offers features that most other online psychic reading websites lack. You can navigate through the homepage of their website and see their list of top psychic readers, which are categorized according to their ratings and masterpieces.

Furthermore, in this list, you can choose the type of session and the price per minute. The types of sessions include online psychic readings by phone calls, video calls, text-message chats, and even emails.


  • In-depth screening process for all psychics
  • Mobile app available
  • Professional and authentic psychic readers
  • Inexpensive
  • User-friendly interface


Customer Reviews
AskNow has a pretty vast network of expert psychic readers, and with millions of satisfied customers, the platform has gained trust in several fields. People looking for spiritual aid find AskNow to be the best option.

Moreover, the psychic readers at AskNow range from tarot readers to astrologers. Hence, the comprehensive services of online psychic readers have placed AskNow among the top websites in the field.

Aside from that, AskNow has worked its way to a highly interactive website. One of the most impressive features is its customer service, and a toll-free phone number flashes on the screen as soon as you open up the homepage.

Other than this, all of the best psychic readers are arranged in a list according to their ranks, which are carefully assigned by AskNow according to customer reviews.


#4. Oranum – Most Accurate Tarot Card Readings for Love Life

Oranum is an online psychic reading platform that works hard to provide spiritual comfort to its users. It offers unique and eye-catching features that cater to the user and make it accessible to connect with online psychics.

Furthermore, the platform offers a variety of readings to its users. From tarot readings and horoscopes to dream analyses and more, every aspect of psychic reading is readily available on Oranum. If you find yourself in a discomforting state, all you need to do is choose an apt reader from Oranum.

The platform mainly focuses on sessions via video calls, and its psychic readers use the best webcams and connections to avoid any kind of disruption during sessions. Additionally, each psychic reader provides an online session to learn about their customer correctly. This helps users be more open and trustful with their psychic readers. This step towards the improvement of communication is the key to success for Oranum.

The second best feature of Oranum is that you can find psychic readers who can speak various languages. Moreover, the psychic readers on Oranum are available 24/7 to provide their services. So, no matter what time zone you belong to, you can always find an online psychic reader to assist you.

Aside from that, Oranum has a relatively friendly user interface. For example, viewers can scroll through the homepage and filter their search by topics and ranks. For this purpose, a search menu lets you filter the types of psychic readers available.

Moreover, a drop-down menu on the homepage allows you to explore several other options, and the sign-up option on the platform is also relatively easy. Anyone can become a member of Oranum by signing up using their username and password.


  • Easy to use website
  • Live psychic reading sessions
  • Free credits for premium members
  • Variety of mediums and techniques


Customer Reviews
Oranum has proven itself to be the best when it comes to interaction with users. At the fairest prices, the platform provides excellent tarot readings, dream interpretations, and much more. This is the reason the customer reviews on Oranum are always great. People join Oranum at the most challenging times in their lives and end up leaving satisfied and pleased.

Furthermore, Oranum offers the best features for its premium members. As a premium user, you can get 9.99 free credits, which you can use for free questions and minutes during chat or video calls.

In addition to this, Oranum provides customer service chat. So if you have any questions about membership, prices, or anything else, you can always clear things up. Due to these unique attributes, Oranum is a highly recommended online psychic reading platform.


#5. Mysticsense – Best Variety of Tarot Readers

As soon as you open up the homepage of the Mysticsense website, a chat pop-up appears. Here, you can easily chat with psychics and explore the details of the platform. When it comes to credibility, Mysticsense is well-known for the variety of psychic mediums it provides and has strong experience in online psychic readings.

The first thing you need to do is explore the psychic reading techniques and mediums that Mysticsense provides. Then, you can simply filter your search by pinpointing the type of reader you are looking for. Moreover, Mysticsense provides a list of tarot readers, dream interpreters, fortune tellers, etc. As a result, you can choose the most appropriate one with just one click.

The range of online psychic readings Mysticsense provides is quite impressive. You can easily find the best fortune-tellers at the fairest prices. Are you interested in Angel Cards? Simply write it in the search bar provided on the page, and you will be directed to a group of Angel Card readers.

Furthermore, the website is built so even users who are not tech-savvy can comprehend every aspect. The ability to search for the type of psychic reader one needs is stirring. You can not only search for different types of readers but also the tone of their services. Each one of us has a different personality, and keeping this in view, Mysticsense lets you search according to your personality and moods. So, you can come across expressive, straightforward, or sympathetic readers on the platform.

Like many other online psychic reading platforms, Mysticsense provides new users with five minutes of free time. Other than these minutes, the prices of sessions are pretty affordable. However, one does not have to worry about the cost of sessions, as Mysticsense also grants several discounts.


  • Vast categories of psychic readers
  • Online forums available
  • Best search feature
  • Inexpensive
  • Expert psychic readers


Customer Reviews
Mysticsense is highly recommended because of its extraordinary search feature. The diversity in the reading company is also quite impressive. You can always locate the best psychic reader according to your personality, which saves you from miscommunication.

Happy customers are always a plus point for knowing a brand or company’s credibility. Although Mysticsense has not been providing services for a long time, the company has proved to be the best for customers. Therefore, you are in the right place if you are looking for the best online psychic reading platform.


Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Psychic Reading Services

With many psychic reading platforms online, it has become difficult to figure out the authentic ones. However, you can find the ones that work for you if you pay close attention to a few factors.

Our experts considered the following points to recommend the best online psychic reading platforms for you. We explored the entire internet to list the most convenient and genuine ones for their users. The following points were kept in mind while checking out different online psychic reading platforms.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing an online psychic is compatibility. The psychic reader to whom you can best describe your problematic affairs is the most compatible for you. Therefore, you should always go for a psychic reader who best matches your personality. In this way, communication can be much more accessible.

Customer Reviews
Before choosing any online psychic reading platform, you should always dig into their customer reviews. It is essential to make sure that the psychic readers on a particular platform are authentic and professional. Furthermore, you should always read the comments left by previous customers, as these will help you analyze your online psychic’s credibility.

Customer feedback about online psychic readers can help you choose the best option for you, as it is the most honest way of finding details about a psychic reader. In addition, feedback lets you analyze a platform’s pros and cons. By skimming through customer feedback, you can learn about what other people encountered, what they liked, and their recommendations.

On the internet, you can find all of the details about a psychic reading website. For this purpose, it is essential to do thorough research on the platform and its psychics. Other than this, look at the reviews and ratings of that platform. Finally, to avoid scams, you should always visit a well-reputed website.

One thing that increases the credibility of any online psychic reading site is its experience. Therefore, users should always look at the experience of a platform in the market. Companies with more years of experience usually have a greater number of satisfied customers.

Our top five selections are excellent choices when it comes to experience, as each company has been serving its consumers for over ten years. As a result, you can reach several psychic readers with high ranks, expertise, and professionalism. Overall, these platforms have satisfied millions of customers since their origin.

Trial Minutes
Almost every psychic reading platform offers free minutes to its customers. However, the number of these minutes varies for each website. Therefore, you should seek a platform that offers the best deal of free questions and free minutes, as these will help you spend your money most efficiently. Other than this, some online psychics also provide free points, allowing you to look at and purchase several features on the site.

Online Vs. Offline: Which Is Better for Psychic Readings?
In this period of Covid-19, there is still a lot of hesitation about meeting people in an enclosed room or being in close contact with a stranger. But, online psychics solve this issue.

Every psychic reading website provides several mediums for communication at a distance. You can contact most psychic readers online by phone, video chat, text message, and even email. It is better that you take advantage of the availability of these mediums on an online psychic reading website.

This can save you not only a significant amount of time but also a lot of space. As a result, you do not even have to leave your own home, so it saves you a ton of trouble.

Not only that, but the psychics’ online presence assists you in avoiding scammers and fraudsters. The prevalence of online customer reviews and experience (as mentioned above) enables you to do thorough research to discover more about your chosen psychic.

Text message conversations are also available for introverts or shy people who do not want to indulge in a video chat. You no longer have to sit awkwardly across from someone, and it gives you a new option that is quite different from offline reading.


FAQs: Online Psychic Readings

Q: Are Online Psychic Readers Authentic?
There is a massive misconception about the authenticity of psychic readers. Many people spread false notions about internet psychics, but most of them are untrue. The most significant confirmation of the authenticity of online psychic readers is customer feedback. Most people share their experiences on psychic reading websites and can confirm how much better they feel from these sessions with psychic readers.

Those who believe psychic readings are a scam might be doing something wrong. The key to successful psychic reading is asking the right questions. You can ask questions during the free minutes to test the credibility of the psychic reader. If you feel satisfied, you can proceed further. Otherwise, you can quit the session as soon as those free psychic reading minutes end.

Q: What Kinds of Topics Can You Talk About with a Psychic Advisor?
In general, you can discuss almost anything with a psychic reader. However, each psychic reader also has a specialization in a particular field. For example, some are best known for tarot readings, while others are more famous for dealing with love-life affairs. Aside from that, there is a possibility that a psychic reader knows nothing about fortune-telling but is an expert in dream analysis.

You can find out details about a psychic reader by visiting their profile. Furthermore, you can search for a psychic reader of your choice on these websites. Most online psychic reading platforms provide a list of readers on their homepage. So, you can scroll through the list and find the one that is most suitable for you.

Q: What Are the Things to Avoid During a Psychic Reading?
Once again, customer reviews will help you in this regard, as you can learn a lot from other people’s experiences. So, before going into your psychic reading session, make sure you research and carefully read the customer reviews on the website, as these will help you understand what you have to avoid.

Take note of the red flags. A psychic reader can study you and tell you many things correctly, but they still may not be able to predict everything. For instance, if your psychic reader is telling you things like the date of your death, take it as a sign of dishonesty. Moreover, do not hesitate to leave the session as soon as you feel uncomfortable.


Final Thoughts – Are Online Psychic Readings Right for You?

An appropriate psychic reading website and an honest psychic reader can change your life, and these resources can help you get through a challenging period in life. In this era of technology, finding the best psychic readers for yourself is not difficult, as the internet is full of information.

You can invest a little time in research and find a psychic reader who matches your personality. Conclusively, after our extensive research, we highly recommend Kasamba as the best website overall.



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