180 Serenity Quotes That Will Make You Smoother


Here are 180 of the best serenity quotes I could find. The goal? To make you (and me) a little smoother and relaxed. After all, we must learn to trust more right? Enjoy!

This moment is fine. Naval Ravikant

serenity quotes not freedom from storm peace amid wisdom man walking street

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm. Unknown

serenity quotes boredom feeling everything waste time nothing thomas szasz wisdom man walking

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is. Thomas Szasz

serenity quotes change what cannot accepted accept changed reinhold niebuhr wisdom woman sitting

Change what cannot be accepted and accept what cannot be changed. Reinhold Niebuhr

serenity quotes have truly attained wholeness everything will flock lao tzu wisdom woman road

If you have truly attained wholeness, everything will flock to you. Lao Tzu

serenity quotes your work then step back only path lao tzu wisdom man working laptop

Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity. Lao Tzu

serenity quotes movement good body stillness for mind sakyong mipham wisdom nature woman

Movement is good for the body. Stillness is good for the mind. Sakyong Mipham

serenity quotes day always his who works great aims ralph waldo emerson wisdom men walking city

The day is always his, who works in it with serenity and great aims. Ralph Waldo Emerson

serenity quotes not seek have everything happens happen you wish epictetus wisdom shoes man legs

Do not seek to have everything that happens happen as you wish, but wish for everything to happen as it actually does happen, and your life will be serene. Epictetus

serenity quotes completely relaxed experience essence being deep silence knows everything haemin sunim wisdom

When completely relaxed, we experience the essence of our being, the deep silence that knows everything as it is. Haemin Sunim

serenity quotes attachment need desire must wishes remain peace james pierce wisdom man walking

Attachment, need, and desire all must go if one wishes to remain at peace. James Pierce

serenity quotes only one reason why not experiencing bliss this present moment anthony de mello wisdom group hike nature

There’s only one reason why you’re not experiencing bliss at this present moment, and it’s because you’re thinking or focusing on what you don’t have. Otherwise you would be experiencing bliss. Anthony de Mello (Awareness)

serenity quotes key trusting universe has your back gabrielle bernstein wisdom woman nature

The key to serenity is trusting that the universe has your back. Gabrielle Bernstein

serenity quotes harmony with wholeness things have anxiety over impecfections dogen wisdom man nature

To be in harmony with the wholeness of things is not to have anxiety over imperfections. Dogen

serenity quotes when you stop expecting start accepting maxime lagace wisdom man woman happy

Serenity: When you stop expecting and start accepting. Maxime Lagacé

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Serenity Prayer

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God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. The Serenity Prayer

The Best Serenity Quotes

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serenity quotes comes gentleness lasting strength pam brown wisdom woman nature mountains

From serenity comes gentleness, comes lasting strength. Pam Brown

The best fighter is never angry. Lao Tzu

Decide that wherever you are, is the best place there is. Once you start comparing, there’s no end to it. Sodo Yokoyama

If you are at peace with your past, you are at peace with yourself. Unknown

Lasting happiness comes from the understanding that nothing can make you happy. James Pierce

The need for happiness will imprison you far more than happiness will liberate you. James Pierce

Patience means allowing things to unfold at their own speed rather than jumping in with your habitual response to either pain or pleasure. Pema Chödrön

There is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure in a universe whose very nature is momentariness and fluidity. Alan Watts

When you do the right thing, you get the feeling of peace and serenity associated with it. Do it again and again. Roy T. Bennett

serenity quotes cheerfulness keeps kind daylight mind filling with steady perpetual joseph addison wisdom nature

Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, filling it with a steady and perpetual serenity. Joseph Addison

Peace is the simplicity of heart, the serenity of mind, tranquility of soul, the bond of love. Pio of Pietrelcina

Harmony is the feeling that arises from not wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else. Raj Raghunathan

In a society enslaved by the growth imperative, sufficiency is a revolutionary principle. Jason Hickel

Stop leaving and you will arrive. Stop searching and you will see. Stop running away and you will be found. Lao Tzu

Trying to control the future is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place…chances are that you’ll cut your hand. Lao Tzu (Tao Te Ching)

serenity quotes rule your mind rather than with force manipulation lao tzu wisdom nature lake mountains

Rule your mind with serenity rather than with force and manipulation. Lao Tzu

Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see. Every breath we take, every step we take, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity. The question is whether or not we are in touch with it. We need only to be awake, alive in the present moment. Thich Nhat Hanh (Peace Is Every Step)

Having enough comes from the inside. It comes from seeing yourself and your work differently, from knowing that more is not the answer. Ryan Holiday

Care about doing your best. Don’t care about the results. Maxime Lagacé

serenity quotes law tranquility where there resistance conflict zen wisdom men fun

The law of tranquility: where there is no resistance, there is no conflict. @zen_fi

Acceptance means: For now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly. Eckhart Tolle

Allow whatever arises in the present moment to be as it is. Eckhart Tolle

Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Eckhart Tolle

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Part 2. Serenity Quotes That Are…

The Most Famous Serenity Quotes (Thoreau, Emerson, Bhagavad Gita, etc.)

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serenity quotes sometimes surrender means giving trying understand becoming comfortable with not knowing eckhart tolle wisdom nature mountains trees mist

Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand, and becoming comfortable with not knowing. Eckhart Tolle

I will be calm. I will be mistress of myself. Jane Austen

Enthusiasm is a supernatural serenity. Henry David Thoreau

Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it well and serenely. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace is transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will get you there, will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender. Eckhart Tolle

It is inner stillness that will save and transform the world. Eckhart Tolle

When you become aware of silence, immediately there is that state of inner still alertness. You are present. You have stepped out of thousands of years of collective human conditioning. Eckhart Tolle

serenity quotes place you that must keep inviolate clean maya angelou wisdom woman nature

There is a place in you that you must keep inviolate, a place that you must keep clean. Maya Angelou

The trees, the flowers, the plants grow in silence. The stars, the sun, the moon move in silence. Silence gives us a new perspective. Mother Teresa

Inner peace and contentment depend in large measure upon whether or not the historical family which is inherent in the individual can be harmonized with the ephemeral conditions of the present. Carl Jung (Memories, Dreams, Reflections)

To shrug it all off and wipe it clean — every annoyance and distraction — and reach utter stillness. Child’s play. Marcus Aurelius

The self-controlled soul, who moves amongst sense objects, free from either attachment or repulsion, he wins eternal peace. Bhagavad Gita

Free from all thoughts of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, a man finds absolute peace. Bhagavad Gita

Meet this transient world with neither grasping nor fear, trust the unfolding of life and you will attain true serenity. Bhagavad Gita

serenity quotes aimlessness nonattainment wonderful practice thich nhat hanh wisdom woman camping fire nature

Aimlessness, nonattainment, is a wonderful practice. Thich Nhat Hanh

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. Denis Waitley

He that owns himself has lost nothing. But how few men are blessed with ownership of self! Seneca

If you take things personally you will remain offended for life. Deepak Chopra

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Short Serenity Quotes

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One-liners, short serenity quotes, sayings, thoughts and captions for your bio, social status, self-talk, motto, mantra, signs, posters, wallpapers, backgrounds.
serenity quotes accept this moment maxime lagace wisdom nature mountain people

Accept this moment. Maxime Lagacé

Doing nothing is something. Thich Nhat Hanh

Do your best and then relax. Paramahansa Yogananda

If you lose your temper, you lose. Richard Diaz

Allow nature to teach you stillness. Eckhart Tolle

The fruit of silence is tranquility. Arabian proverb

Slow down. Spend more time observing. @dailyzen

Silence is a form of internal poetry. Thibaut

Don’t be afraid to just sit and watch. Anthony Bourdain

Peace is a sense that everything is fine. Naval Ravikant

I’ve always found my strength in silence. Chelsey Brooks

serenity quotes everything desire within deepak chopra wisdom man road

Everything I desire is within me. Deepak Chopra

A mind at war with itself cannot know peace. James Pierce

The quiet mind enters into the immeasurable. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Make a place to sit down. Sit down. Be quiet. Wendell Berry

Be yourself and you will feel at home anywhere. Jim Kwik

Being calm is the highest level of intelligence. @orangebook_

Peace often comes when we stop trying to force it. @dailyzen

To understand everything is to forgive everything. Zen proverb

Things are annoying because you let them annoy you. Angela Jiang

serenity quotes just enjoy being ekchart tolle wisdom man hammock natutre

Just be, and enjoy being. Eckhart Tolle

Do what you have to do. In the meantime, accept what is. Eckhart Tolle

Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance. Unknown

Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force. Lao Tzu

Non-resistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe. Eckhart Tolle

Accept yourself completely as you are right now. Breathe into the present. @dailyzen

The wiser you get, the more you enjoy the process. Maxime Lagacé

When you let go of fear of the future, your soul feels light. Courtney Carver (See also: letting go quotes)

Stillness is not the absence of motion but rather the absence of resistance. Adyashanti

Don’t worry, meditate. Don’t react, notice. Don’t yell, listen. Don’t fear, think. @orangebook_

Give thyself time to learn something new and good, and cease to be whirled around. Marcus Aurelius

Whenever possible: Breathe and be kind. When that’s not possible: Breathe and be quiet. Jason Garner

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Inspirational Serenity Quotes

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serenity quotes think ideal space must contain elements magic sorcery mystery luis barragan wisdom nature mountains

I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery. Luis Barragan

Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity. Thich Nhat Hanh

The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity. André Gide

A garden must combine the poetic and the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy. Luis Barragan

Nature is the best medicine for serenity. Peace, calmness, stillness. It’s good for the heart. Karen Madwell (See also: nature quotes)

Forests are delightful, but the worldlings find no delight in them; only those who are free from passion will find delight in them, for they do not seek sensual pleasures. The Dhammapada

The most wonderful taste of serenity is found by the love you create for yourself, and those around you. Joe Torres

The most successful people I know are humble, working hard, focused, calm. @orangebook_

When you no longer perceive the world as hostile, there is no more fear, and when there is no more fear, you think, speak and act differently. Eckhart Tolle

Radiate an energy of serenity and peace so that you have an uplifting effect on those you come into contact with. Wayne Dyer

Well being, serenity and service to others are the ultimate measures of true wealth, success and power. Brendon Burchard

Planning is overrated. Trusting and taking action are underrated. Maxime Lagacé

serenity quotes when let go anger resentment past heart feels light courtney carver wisdom woman lake nature

When you let go of anger or resentment from the past, your heart feels light. Courtney Carver

We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil. Swami Satchidananda

And joy is everywhere; it is in the earth’s green covering of grass; in the blue serenity of the sky. Rabindranath Tagore

The person who is not disturbed by happiness and distress and is steady in both is certainly eligible for liberation. Bhagavad Gita

Serenity is not just an escape, but a precursor to acceptance, courage, wisdom, and change. Bill Crawford

Trust is knowing that no matter what happens, you will be better off than you were in the beginning. Iyanla Vanzant

If you want oneness in society, you have to teach people to go inside instead of going outside, because if they want peace, they need to find it within. Ram Dass

Resist nothing. The past has already happened. The future is unknowable. Flow with whatever happens. @dailyzen

When you understand certain things, when you learn certain things, when you’re convinced of certain things, and when they become a deep part of you, then you naturally become a more peaceful person. Naval Ravikant

Retirement is when you stop sacrificing today for an imaginary tomorrow. When today is complete, in and of itself, you’re retired. Naval Ravikant

The ability to be content and at peace, by yourself, is freedom. Naval Ravikant

The one who is free of every and any intention, even the intention to be free, is free indeed. Mooji

The highest form of grace is silence. It is also the highest spiritual instruction. Ramana Maharishi

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Funny Serenity Quotes

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serenity quotes quiet mouth symptom mind james pierce wisdom man sitting beach

A quiet mouth is a symptom of a quiet mind. James Pierce

Serenity is knowing that your worst shot is still pretty good. Johnny Miller

If it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people. It is easier to protect your feet with slippers than to carpet the whole of the earth. Anthony de Mello

Don’t try to make them happy, you’ll only get in trouble. Don’t try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it irritates the pig. Anthony de Mello

Nervous and excitable persons need to talk a great deal, by way of letting off their steam. Nathaniel Hawthorne

I prefer tongue-tied knowledge to ignorant loquacity. Cicero

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Deep Serenity Quotes

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serenity quotes when lose touch inner stillness yourself eckhart tolle wisdom people

When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. Eckhart Tolle

What is heaven? A silent and empty mind. Mooji

Be calm. God awaits you at the door. Gabriel García Márquez

You are not going to be here for too long. Relax. Dalos Ortiz

When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere. François de La Rochefoucauld

The most useful and sustainable kind of happiness is called peace. All the other ones will make you miserable. Maxime Lagacé

Pursue not the outer entanglements; Dwell not in the inner void; Be serene in the oneness of things; And dualism vanishes by itself. Seng-t’san

Enlightenment is “being,” and it grows; it’s end is serenity. William Gibson

Perhaps, after all, our best thoughts come when we are alone. It is good to listen, not to voices but to the wind blowing, to the brook running cool over polished stones, to bees drowsy with the weight of pollen. If we attend to the music of the earth, we reach serenity. And then, in some unexplained way, we share it with others. Gladys Taber

And you would accept the seasons of your heart just as you have always accepted that seasons pass over your fields and you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief. Kahlil Gibran

Everything happens when it needs to happen; everyone is always where they need to be. Iyanla Vanzant

What follows coheres with what went before. Not like a random catalogue whose order is imposed upon it arbitrarily, but logically connected. And just as what exists is ordered and harmonious, what comes into being betrays an order too. Not a mere sequence, but an astonishing concordance. Marcus Aurelius

There’s horror and beauty in everything. I look at my hand, and it’s decaying. It’s beautiful and horrible at the same moment, and I just live with it. See the beauty and perfection of decay in the world around you and in yourself, and just allow it to be. Ram Dass

So long as you can be persuaded that there is something more that you ought to be than you are, you have divided yourself from reality. Alan Watts

Learn to handle your emotions, or else other people will easily affect you. Gal Shapira (See also: anger quotes)

serenity quotes outrage result belief things should certain way james pierce wisdom man water ice nature

Outrage is a result of the belief that things should be a certain way. James Pierce

Make no effort for or against anything. Whatever happens, happens. Surrender to yourself in the moment. Resist nothing and reject nothing, including the urge to resist and reject. Naval Ravikant

It is hard to find the noblest of men; he is not born everywhere nor in every clan. To whatever clan such a wise man is born, that clan prospers. The Dhammapada

Let them win the argument. Even better, don’t argue in the first place. Don’t try to convince anyone. People who have already made up their mind won’t be dissuaded from it. The rare few who’re open and receptive don’t require effort to be persuaded of a more valid point of view. @TheAncientSage

You won’t have inner peace until you give up your war against the world. Naval Ravikant

Peace doesn’t require two people; it requires only one. It has to be you. The problem begins and ends there. Byron Katie

Peace is the mood of knowing that whatever comes will also go. Therefore there is no need to be particularly bothered by anything. This kind of awareness also keeps you from chasing after things that seem to give permanent happiness but are only mirages on the horizon. Thibaut

Accept misfortune as the human condition. Lao Tzu (Tao Te Ching)

The desire to become enlightened is still you desiring something. Ram Dass

Home is not where you are born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease. Naguib Mahfouz

The poor have external goals. The rich just do their best. Maxime Lagacé

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Wise Serenity Quotes

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serenity quotes great tranquility heart cares neither praise blame thomas kempis wisdom man street walking

Great tranquility of heart is his who cares for neither praise nor blame. Thomas A. Kempis

If others hurt you, let the injury go. This is your test. If you let it go, you will find serenity. Wayne Dyer

To live happily, the only thing you must care about is the process. Everything else is a distraction, even the results. Maxime Lagacé

Everything passes, nothing remains. Understand this, loosen your grip, and find serenity. Lama Surya Das

It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness. Thomas Jefferson

There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less. G.K. Chesterton (See also: simplicity quotes)

The final wisdom of life requires not the annulment of incongruity but the achievement of serenity within and above it. Reinhold Niebuhr

Serenity is the balance between good and bad, life and death, horrors and pleasures. Life is, as it were, defined by death. If there wasn’t death of things, then there wouldn’t be any life to celebrate. Norman Davies

Serenity is the final word of all the teachings; reflection is the response to all manifestations. Hongzhi Zhengjue

Learn silence. With the quiet serenity of a meditative mind, listen, absorb, transcribe, and transform. Pythagoras

In struggling against anguish one never produces serenity; the struggle against anguish only produces new forms of anguish. Simone Weil

If for any reason your choices do not result in peace, harmony, and balance, you are always free to choose again. Iyanla Vanzant

serenity quotes more present happier content will naval ravikant wisdom kid smiling fun

The more present I am, the happier and more content I will be. Naval Ravikant

I have now realized to be free you must be pleased controlling nothing. Arielle S. Davis

By meditating on a regular basis, you teach your brain to be calm. The more you meditate, the more your brain adapts to this state as your default state, even after you finish meditating. Do it every day, and being calm will be your natural state of being. Gal Shapira (See also: meditation quotes)

Meditation is to be aware of every thought and of every feeling, never to say it is right or wrong but just to watch it and move with it. Jiddu Krishnamurti

When you practice sitting meditation, if you enjoy even one moment of your sitting, if you establish serenity and happiness inside yourself, you provide the world with a solid base of peace. Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence. Deepak Chopra

If you are made happy by things that are fleeting, your happiness will be equally fleeting. James Pierce

In a world of insane talkers, silence is a great therapy. Talk strengthens the ego, silence nourishes the spirit. @TheAncientSage

Accept the success. Why should it be otherwise? Accept the suffering. Why should it be otherwise? Accept the love. Why should it be otherwise? Accept the loss. Why should it be otherwise? Accept the joy. Why should it be otherwise? Accept the end. Why should it be otherwise? @TheStoicEmperor

It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed. Ram Dass

The best way to regain a measure of control; accept things are entirely beyond one’s control – and understanding. Alain de Botton

Ataraxia: Ancient greek for ‘serenity of the soul’, especially needed around politics, mortality and disgrace, achieved via philosophy. Alain de Botton

Peace itself is not a thing that can be directly achieved. You cannot work towards peace. What you work towards is understanding. Naval Ravikant

Too lazy to be ambitious, I let the world take care of itself. Ryokan

Trusting the process is a sign of intelligence. Maxime Lagacé

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Part 3. Conclusion

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Conquest begets enmity; the conquered live in misery; the peaceful live happily having renounced conquest and defeat. The Dhammapada

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