17 ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Actually Might Be True



“If the government are planning a conspiracy they first fund a really terrible movie about the government doing it. So anyone discovering the truth will be told “you just described the plot of a lousy 1980s film that went straight to VHS” and laughed at.” — Star_machine2000

Red Herrings

“Conspiracies are being actively manufactured and promoted as a way to hide actual bad stuff. These days it is hard to actually hide something – a single leak and everything is all over the internet next day. However if you make sure that internet is full of conspiracy theories, it is easy to dismiss any leak as ‘more nutjob stuff’. If MK-Ultra leaked today, would anybody except for most hardcode conspiracy theorists believe it?” — ping500

JFK was by accident killed by his personal guard

“Whether it’s true or not, I imagine it’s solely potential that JFK wasn’t shot by an murderer, however by a jumpy Secret Service agent who discharged his gun accidentally.

There was a documentary on this on Netflix (IIRC) a number of years in the past and whereas I’m unsure if it’s true, I imagine it’s solely potential.” — KnockMeYourLobes

The authorities doesn’t need us to be wholesome

“People are taught wrong information about nutrition on purpose.” — Elventroll


“I may imagine that Epstein would kill himself. I may imagine that the guards had been on-line not doing their job of checking on him. I may imagine that the cameras in a vital prisoners cell went out of service.

There is not any potential manner all these items occurred on their very own at the very same time.

M16 had a saying Once is happenstance Twice is coincidence Three occasions is enemy motion.” — lanceluthor

Edward II faked his demise

“I believe Edward II escaped and went to Italy. He was not laid to rest at his very public funeral. His son, Edward III, had reason to believe his father was alive and there is some truth to the Fieschi letter. Mostly I think Edward III’s relations with the Pope convinced me. I also think the circumstances of the funeral arrangements were pretty suspicious. The variety of deaths Edward II was rumored to die don’t exactly convince me he died at Berkeley Castle. Oh and there’s a part of Italy with an oral tradition that they once had an English king for some years.” — DumDumGimmeYumYums

Grass as an alternative of gardens

“I believe that the societal norm of the “American lawn” was propagated to maintain us from rising meals on our property and hold us consuming.” — DaveFarted

Ocean Aliens

“There’s a whole culture of semi intelligent life forms on the deepest and darkest parts of the sea, its just that like the space we cant reach it yet, they haven’t developed enough to reach us as well.” — owlsknight

Big sizzling canine

“Hotdog companies and hotdog bun companies agreed to sell non matching amounts of their products. When you finish all of your hotdogs you will still have buns left over so you will go buy hotdogs for those buns. Thus perpetuating a never-ending cycle of hotdog eating.” — ruhrohiroh

The designer purse trade

“Women’s pockets are so small to help the fashion industry push purses as a necessity and justify high end / designer ones too.” — whyykai

Scientology has filth on Tom Cruise

“People like John Travolta and Tom Cruise would love to leave scientology, but the “church” has one thing actually darkish on them. Whatever it’s, will most likely come to mild solely after their passing, if then.” — Sockcucker69

They know all the things

“That there are a lot of firms and governments who may simply get a full report on all the things about you, and I imply EVERYTHING.

From the essential stuff like the place you reside the place you might be NOW and the place you’re employed. But additionally who your mates are, your relationships with them. And an in depth description of your persona.

On a television sequence about completely different widespread beliefs they made an episode the place they only took the details about a man they might discover on-line and used it to control him. The acquired an actor to faux he was an outdated good friend of the individual and that they went to the identical college. Only utilizing data they might simply search for on-line.

The data a tech firm or a authorities may get on you Is wayyyy extra detailed.” — throwaway-20701

Pants pooping

“Paul Pierce DEFINITELY did poop his pants during game one of the 2008 NBA finals and faked a knee injury to be escorted off the court. I would bet my life on it.” — Doheenz

Most artwork is faux

“I don’t necessarily “believe” this, however I’ve at all times speculated that numerous priceless art work and historic paperwork are literally replicas or copies.

Firstly, warfare. Paintings and statues are low on the checklist of issues that warfare endangers and ruined, however regardless the mix of intense combating, strategic bombing, and basic chaos would trigger various cultural and scientific injury. Artwork looted or destroyed by invading troopers, archives misplaced to bombs, and so forth.

Numerous nations disguise their nationwide treasures away in occasions of disaster, however who’s to say that what got here again was the true deal?

Obviously a portray by a world-famous artist utilizing a really particular approach can be very onerous to faux, and I don’t suppose that each artwork scholar on the planet is paid off in some grand conspiracy. Rather, I simply suppose that both A. the nationwide treasures by no means left their vaults. or B. that some nationwide treasures really have been misplaced to historical past however in denial or delight they have been replicated.

I do suppose museums are principally professional, and reproduction or not the historical past surrounding any given artifact is one thing I don’t doubt, however I do suppose a number of issues are warning flags:

Things which might be so insanely beneficial it’d be idiotic to reveal them to the general public with something lower than army ranges of safety (i.e. the US Constitution or Declaration of Independence).

It can’t be carefully examined or touched.

The merchandise in query wouldn’t be onerous to duplicate (i.e. a chunk of pottery or {a photograph} or a chunk of paper is simpler to make than a portray by one of many best artists ever)

Again, I don’t precisely imagine this, however it’s one thing I’ve at all times thought of. The concept of maintaining a nationwide treasure out within the open with only a pane of bulletproof glass has at all times appeared silly to me, so both the US Constitution as displayed within the National Archives is faux or individuals are silly.” — JackMorin

The actual wealthy disguise themselves

“There are people who are more wealthy than jeff bezos, but stay anonymous.” — dragon75teeth

Weapons testing

“The US army has examined organic weapons within the Korean warfare. Not as a large-scale deployment, however a small-scale subject take a look at that acquired blown out of proportion by communist propaganda.

The US Joint Chiefs of Staff issued orders to start out “large scale field tests … to determine the effectiveness of specific BW [bacteriological warfare] agents under operational conditions” in 1951. Moreover, the US has captured researchers and property from Japan after World War 2. They had the desire and capability to conduct such an operation in Korea.

Also, think about the truth that the Americans critically thought of using nuclear weapons in opposition to China throughout the Korean warfare. The use of chemical weapons after Korea (Vietnam warfare and Agent Orange) additionally recommended that the US is greater than keen to make use of WMDs in opposition to its adversaries.

As for China/North Korea supposedly fabricating proof in worldwide investigations, I imagine that the communists have been attempting to blow it out of proportion and safe the ethical excessive floor. Keep in thoughts that China purchased a considerable amount of medical provides from the USSR and despatched them to the frontlines although the Chinese forces have been operating out of meals and ammunition. If it was all a communist hoax, why would the communists, underneath horrible logistical stress, nonetheless insist on transporting disinfectants to the frontlines as an alternative of truly helpful gear?” (*17*)




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