15 Big Differences Between The Movie And The Book


The 1983 movie primarily based on the 1967 e-book is a devoted adaptation general, however as with most film variations, there’s nonetheless extra within the e-book that the film needed to pass over. The Outsiders from Francis Ford Coppola actually achieves the identical feeling because the e-book because the forged captures every of the characters they’re portraying efficiently.

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The coming-of-age story facilities on Ponyboy Curtis who has grown up as a part of the “Greaser” group who has a pure rivalry with the “Soc” group and the story begins with a homicide in self-defense inflicting Ponyboy and Greaser pal Johnny Cade to go on the run. The movie and e-book inform the story of younger teenagers attempting to develop up among the many violence and circumstance.

Updated on April eighth, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: Although film diversifications of well-liked and basic books are launched yearly and there have even been a number of diversifications of books like The Great Gatsby and virtually each e-book by Jane Austen, however there’s solely been one film adaptation of S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders. The 1983 film adaptation is so good that it is usually proven in excessive faculties whereas college students learn the e-book and though it is a sturdy adaptation after all there might be some variations between the e-book and the film, and the film nonetheless misses among the attraction, emotion, and interesting facet plots that the e-book gives.

15 Greaser Side Vs Soc Side

the outsiders randy ponyboy

The important preventing and hatred between the Greasers and the Socs is simply as sturdy within the film as it’s within the e-book, however the particulars in regards to the areas of the teams are modified for the film.

The e-book describes the Greasers as controlling the poorer East facet of city whereas the Socs management the wealthier West facet. The film says the Greasers are on the North facet of city and the Socs are on the South facet of city.

14 Sandy And Soda’s Relationship

One of the primary recurring facet plots within the e-book is Soda’s relationship with Sandy, however she does not seem within the film in any respect. Soda was certain he and Sandy would get married however when Sandy turns into pregnant she’s despatched to dwell along with her grandmother and it is assumed that they will not be getting again collectively.

It’s a catalyst for lots of Soda’s points he has to take care of as a personality and attributes to his constructing frustration to being caught in the midst of Darry and Pony always preventing as a result of he not has an individual exterior of the household he can flip to when he must vent.

13 Darry Fighting For Custody

Curtis brothers sitting outside together in The Outsiders

A important fear of the eldest Curtis brother is having the ability to hold custody of his two youthful brothers, however this plot line is hardly talked about within the film.

There are just a few traces right here and there the place Darry voices his concern about having the ability to present and care for Soda and Pony and that he worries Child Protective Services will take them away from him, however the film by no means totally reveals his battle or emphasizes this in Darry’s character within the film.

12 Ponyboy’s Introduction Scene


Characters at the theater in The Outsiders

The introduction of Ponyboy within the e-book and within the film are utterly completely different and there is not a transparent motive why it was modified for the film because it’s arguably a weaker introduction within the film than it’s within the e-book.

The e-book sees Ponyboy on his personal originally and virtually getting mugged by the Socs and the Greasers present as much as save him, however within the film Ponyboy is with Dally and Johnny and do not actually work together with the Socs in any respect.

11 *Ponyboy’s School Project

Ponyboy and Two-Bit in The Outsiders

The e-book makes it clear that Ponyboy is writing his story for a college mission whereas the film by no means totally specifies why Ponyboy is telling the viewers his story. The e-book emphasizes the truth that Ponyboy’s an amazing author and pupil, however the film by no means delves into this character growth.

The e-book has a storyline devoted to a instructor reaching out to Ponyboy to assist him and ensure he is in a position to end his task when he is struggling after the occasions of the fireplace, however none of that occurs within the film both.

10 The Curtis Boys’ Parents

the outsiders c thomas howell rob lowe patrick swayze

Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell) discusses his mother and father, who died in a automotive crash leaving the three siblings to fend for themselves, closely all through the e-book.

He always thinks and talks about them and tends to match himself and his two brothers to their mom and father. The movie does not actually point out their mother and father and as an alternative focuses on the place the boys at the moment are with out a lot point out of their previous when their mother and father had been alive.

9 Darry’s Role Is Smaller

patrick swayze the outsiders

Darry (Patrick Swayze) is Ponyboy’s eldest brother who acts as a surrogate father to each Sodapop and Ponyboy after their mother and father’ loss of life. Darry is a stern however fixed presence in Ponyboy’s life and he talks about him and their rocky relationship regularly all through the e-book.

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The e-book lays out their troublesome relationship and the way Ponyboy actually thinks that Darry hates him, which makes their reunion on the hospital after the fireplace extra emotional within the e-book than it does within the movie.

8 The Courtroom Scene Finale

the outsiders swayze lowe

The e-book ends with a courtroom scene that has Ponyboy take the stand relating to Johnny killing Bob the Soc and about his residence life with Darry and Sodapop.

The movie mentions that after the killing in self-defense and the fireplace the one factor that the authorities actually cared about was ensuring that Ponyboy had a secure residence life residing along with his brothers, nevertheless it does not present any of the ending courtroom scenes the place Ponyboy explains he is happiest along with his brothers.

7 Blonde Hair Vs Black Hair

The Outsiders

The e-book describes the Greasers as having all several types of hair colour, some even having blonde hair together with Dally whose hair is described as virtually white, however the film chooses to offer extra distinction between the Greasers and the Socs by giving the Greasers darkish black hair and the Socs lighter hair colours.

It’s not a major distinction to the plot and visually on the display, it is smart as an extra illustration of the rivalry between the 2 teams, nevertheless it’s nonetheless odd studying Dally’s description and evaluating Matt Dillon’s look to the outline.

6 Sodapop’s Significance To Ponyboy

the outsiders sodapop ponyboy

The movie chooses to focus extra on Ponyboy and Johnny’s relationship than specializing in Ponyboy’s relationship along with his older brothers Darry and specifically Sodapop (Rob Lowe). Ponyboy is not very near his oldest brother Darry and thinks that Darry hates him despite the fact that Darry’s roughness is extra about him caring for and wanting to guard Ponyboy however he’s extremely near Sodapop.

Soda tends to maintain the peace between Darry and Pony and far of the e-book is devoted to Ponyboy writing about his love and admiration for his brother, which is fairly absent within the movie model.

5 Clearly Explaining Johnny’s Past

The e-book spends a very long time discussing Johnny Cade’s (Ralph Macchio) life and previous occasions, notably being jumped by a gaggle of Socs in a blue Mustang, the identical Soc he stabs to guard Ponyboy, which has turned him into a nervous wreck.

The movie alludes to this occasion and to his abusive residence life that results in his nervous demeanor, nevertheless it’s not as clear as it’s within the e-book and the little clues within the movie is likely to be missed if the viewer is not conversant in his backstory.

4 Dally’s Role Is Bigger

dallas dally matt dillon the outsiders

The movie decides to focus extra on Dally (Matt Dillon) and his relation to Johnny and Ponyboy as he helps them go on the run after Johnny kills Bob the Soc.

All of the identical occasions occur within the e-book the place the 2 go to Dally for assist, however because the movie does not give attention to Ponyboy’s brothers Darry and Soda as a lot the movie together with all of Dally’s scenes shifts the main focus to him, giving him a much bigger position as compared.

3 No Rodeos

the outsiders c thomas howell tom cruise rob lowe

The e-book mentions native rodeos a number of instances and talks about how Sodapop wished to personal a horse referred to as Mickey Mouse and was crushed when the horse was bought to a different farm.

The tales work to contextualize the Oklahoma setting of the story, however the rodeos are by no means talked about within the movie. Although it is a small element, it did present characterization for Sodapop and supplied a robust sense of location.

2 Ponyboy Shutting Down After The Fire

johnny cade ponyboy the outsiders

In the e-book, Ponyboy has an extremely troublesome time coping with the occasions of the previous few days and the loss of life of each Johnny and Dally. It’s utterly comprehensible that he shuts down and turns into sick each bodily and mentally after studying Johnny died from his accidents throughout the fireplace and Dally was killed by the police.

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He turns into distraught, sleeping for days, and frequently claiming that he was the one who killed Bob, not Johnny. The movie solely chooses to point out him bodily hurting from his accidents throughout the fireplace and preventing by it so he can go to the rumble with the Socs.

1 Ponyboy’s Narration And Missing Moments

the outsiders ponyboy

The movie does present loads of narration from Ponyboy, nevertheless it misses some insightful moments that the e-book covers by Ponyboy’s internal ideas and is ready to rapidly set up his voice as a narrator, which the movie struggles to do at instances.

There are small moments within the e-book which are neglected of the movie, like Ponyboy breaking a glass bottle to threaten a Soc however selecting up the glass after so nobody will get a flat tire, that’s neglected of the film and makes Ponyboy’s character slightly extra obscure.

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